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Innovative Ideas | Link Love

Innovative ideas

From toilet paper rolls to Indian taxis, today we’ve got four very different but innovative creations.

From top left to right:

1. French artist Junior Fritz Jacquet takes the oh so humble toilet roll and transforms it into sculpted paper art. Just look at the facial expressions, sealed with shellac. He also makes amazing lights and other art from paper. First seen at This is Colossal.

2. Who said taxis had to be boring? From a country renowned for not being boring, designers in Mumbai, India have created Taxi Fabric to not only tell stories of their city and country but zshush up the interiors of taxis for the enjoyment of their drivers and customers. The picture here shows fabric by Samya Arif. ‘Monad’ celebrates the independence days of both India and Pakistan. Launching on Kickstarter, Taxi Fabric succeeded in achieving more than their desired financial goal to fund the decor of five taxis. It has now created 13 ‘stories’ and has become a talking point in Mumbai. Read more about this fantastic idea at Taxi Fabric.

3. Children are an under-utilised creative talent, if you ask me and artist Wendy Tsao clearly thinks the same way. After making a soft toy for her 4-year old son based on his “stick man” self-portrait, she created a business making soft toys of children’s drawings. She has now made more than 700 of them! I love this one of a googly-eyed thing-a-me-bob. See more creative kiddie goodness at Child’s Own Studio. [First seen at Today I Learned]

4. Vinyl is back! And what better way to celebrate it than with a Floating Record Vertical Turntable. Created in Chiacago by Gramovox, the Floating Record plays LPs vertically through built-in, dynamic, full-range stereo speakers (or via RCA line out). Say the makers: “We’ve engineered the Floating Record to flawlessly play your vinyl vertically and output full-range stereo sound. We deconstructed the elements of a premium turntable setup and reconstructed them in a manner that maintains their high-performance standards.” Find out more on Kickstarter.

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