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Hanging Upside Down DIY

DIY Collage


There’s nothing wrong with hanging upside down. In fact, yogis say it’s good for you! Today’s DIY inspiration is all about making things that hang for your home …

From top left to right:

  • So simple and yet so effective: feathers + wire shade = minimalist quirky light. See more at Knoette Huset.
  • Channel your inner 70s child and make this funky giant macrame rope light. Thanks to Vintage Revivals for showing us how.
  • A wire rubbish bin, some lighting fixtures and wire cutters and you’ll be away with this one! Found at Muy Ingenioso.
  • Who’d have thought nail polish had so many uses? Yes, these planters were painted using a dip-dye method with nail polish. A great way to use up old nail polish you want to replace. Find out how at Oh Joy.
  • If you drink enough of these you’ll no doubt be joining the lights you’ve just made and swinging from the rafters. This yummy cocktail features passionfruit and bourbon courtesy SF Girl by Bay who takes the most gorgeous pictures to drool over. She calls it a So Long Summer cocktail but Down Under we calling it the Rock On Summer cocktail! Enjoy.

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