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Art + Design Link Love

Art and Design Link Love

Today everything is not what it seems. From Harding Meyer’s double vision portraits to a book that is really furniture, I’ve uncovered some mind-bending art and design for those who like things on the original side.

From top left to right:

Canadian artist Harding Meyer specialises in the human face and creates powerful, multi-layered portraits (of ‘made-up’ models) in oil on canvas. You will be mesmerised. Plus he has a cute dog! See more of his work on Tumblr.

With these sculptures you get two for the price of one. The ‘real’ sculpture is revealed when seen through a curved cylindrical tube. Interesting. See more at Hello U.

When is a book not a book? When it is furniture. The ‘Bookniture’ is a book that unfolds into a piece of multi-functional furniture: a stool, table, footrest, nightstand … Ingenious for those whose homes are space-poor and for those who like to carry their own chair/table around with them. It first launched on Kickstarter.

You’ll never look a peanut or a carrot in the same way again. These biodegradable plates are the creation of Italian designer Michela Milani and Italian design company WhoMade. Foodscapes are a response to the issue of food waste and disposables and are made mainly out of carrot peels or peanut shells. Cleverly they’re in the shape of a seed but can only hold dry food. See more at Treehugger.

Japanese cinematographer Takao Inoue has taken the humble backyard dandelion and turned it into something special. Encasing it between clear acrylic blocks and installing an OLED light into its stem, he has made the dandelion light up and glow. The ‘OLED TAMPOPO’ takes two weeks to make. Available soon at Somewhere Tokyo. Read more at Lost At E-Minor.

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