Month: November 2015

5 Christmas DIY and Craft Ideas

5 Christmas DIY and Craft ideas

From left to right: With the Christmas festivities going on, you’re going to need a dose of healthy eating. Check out these Smoothie Bowl Recipes collected by Checks and Spots. Cute Twiggy Snowmen to make with the kids. If you’re handy with a saw and a drill they look pretty easy. So go and start collecting that kindling! Give a gift of something homemade this Christmas and I challenge anyone not to love a bath bomb. Emma from A Beautiful Mess has tried and tested several recipes and come up with this one. Just remember to purchase a bath bomb mold or even try Easter egg molds if you have any. I’m just loving these Gold-Dipped Feather gift decorations and am planning on giving these a go myself. They look so good no one will want to open the presents! Scent the entrance to your home with cinnamon and make this Cinnamon Stick Wreath featuring dried flowers and berries.

Tethered series of artworks by Jane Theau

Visual Artist: Jane Theau Re-imagines Rubbish

Some things are infinitely better when seen in person and Sydney-based artist Jane Theau’s latest exhibition, Sunbaking in Oslo, is one of those things. Focusing on  ‘consumption and the unsustainability of economic growth’, Jane creates thought-provoking art using collected rubbish with a dash of humour to make us consider the impact we are having on the environment. Says Jane: ‘The more we produce and consume, the more the climate is in crisis. We need to shop less, or we will soon be sunbaking in Oslo’. And photographs just don’t do her work justice. While the pieces in her Tethered series are created from only thread, wire and tartalan – a type of muslin used to wipe ink from printing plates which she collects from the garbage bins of the print room in Sydney’s College of Fine Arts – they are far more complex, powerful and fascinating to both make and experience.  Paper-thin but strong, the tartalan figures hang from the ceiling by fishing wire and when lit create shadows on the wall. They are life-like, life-size and represent, says Jane, ‘ a …

Angela's crochet bikinis made from discarded plastic bags

Interview: Angela van Boxtel | Eco-artist

Today’s interviewee is nothing short of passionate about the environment. Sydney-based eco-artist and designer Angela Van Boxtel lives and breathes saving the environment literally one plastic bag at a time. And she doesn’t just help clean up the streets and beaches from the dreaded plastic bag, she also crochets them. Why use yarn when you could use a plastic bag? Not only that but she exhibits her sculptural work, conducts workshops on creating art from rubbish and is an active environmentalist. As she loves telling the kids at her workshops: waste is fun! And how much fun is a crocheted bikini made from discarded plastic bags? Come and meet the vibrant Angela and find out why she’s turning heads with her eco-swimwear … Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background and how you’ve ended up where you are today. I’m an eco-artist and designer with a Master’s degree in Media & Communications. I never studied art or design but learned on the go. Before moving to Sydney from Amsterdam, I was …

Sailcloth beach bag

Interview: Gabriele Jordan | Designer of Sailcloth Products

Here at Who’d Have Thought we love it when a material is discovered to have a second life long after its first has passed. And who knew that sails had such a short first life – some only a few years, some a few races and then others, only one race. The worst thing is they all end up in landfill unless someone like German-born Sydney-based designer Gabriele Jordan gets her hands on them. Although she has never sailed before (until recently) and knew nothing about sails, Gabriele’s extensive experience in textiles and design, as a costume maker then as an interior and furniture designer, has been invaluable in helping her design and produce unique bags and homewares out of discarded sails. ‘The spirit of directing a boat through the ocean shouldn’t be buried in the soil if it has a chance to get a second wind on land,’ says Gabriele who is not only passionate about saving sails but creating long-lasting, durable and stylish products under the name Nanu. And we loved her work so much, we are …