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Awe-some Art

Art Collage

There’s so much I love about art. It can inspire, awe, amaze, revolt, provoke, uplift.

Today, I’d like to share some art and artists which I think are awe-inspiring.

From top left to right:

  • Knitted glass? Is that even possible? Artist Carol Milne proves that it is, having developed a time-consuming process which involves the techniques of lost-wax casting, mould-making, kiln-casting and knitting. Read about it here and you can find Carol on The Creators Project and on Facebook.
  • Cups of tea are a staple in my house. But have I drunk 20,000 cups? Who knows but I do know that 20,000 stained tea bags were used to create this portrait by ‘Red’ Hong Yi, who is known for creating art from unconventional materials (I did a post on her a while back here). Read more on Creative Boom.
  • Inspired by historical botanical prints, Ann Wood – one half of Woodlucker – manipulates paper and wire to create intricate flora and fauna. She makes all sorts of other stuff too, using paint and textiles.
  • Ann’s other half and the other half of Woodlucker, Dean Lucker, specialises in whimsical mechanical sculptures which come alive and tell stories. He also makes Log People. They are an extremely talented couple. Please peruse their website. You can follow Woodlucker on Instagram,
  • Using scrap metal, copper and enamel artist Morgan Brig creates playful, pieces that hark back to another time. She says: ‘Rummaging around just under the surface is a favorite past time of mine. Interesting emotions live there which I love to dig up, take apart and reassemble’. First seen here.

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  1. Hannah says

    That teabag artwork is incredible! I love those kinds of art pieces, they are so unique and innovative.

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