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Christmas Craft | Look what we made


My daughter and I have been getting crafty this Christmas. This is what we’ve made so far …

Glittery Feathers can be used to decorate gifts, the festive table, a wreath … whatever you fancy. We downloaded feather templates from the Internet, traced them onto different coloured card and then used gold paint and different shades of glitter to embellish.


I love reindeer but the closest I can get to them in Australia at Christmas time is to make some myself! For these gift tags all you need is plain tags (found at any craft store), gold paint, ink pens and your thumb.


Be creative with the critters!


Inspired by the Scandinavian Father Christmas serviettes I recently bought, we made table place tags for our guests.

What will you be making this Christmas?

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P.S There’s still time to purchase gifts for Christmas on the store!

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