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Loving the work of Karina Sharpe | Conceptual Artist and Photographer

Frozen Sunshine by Karina Sharpe

Conceptual artist and photographer Karina Sharpe, based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia has made symmetry and flat-lay photography into a true art form – whether for artistic purposes or for product photography work.

Her photos totally appeal to my love of symmetry and order! She has even created a work called ‘Things Arranged Neatly’ – see below – which embodies her goal of ‘making people see things that aren’t there, ponder things they’d never thought of or view the ordinary in a marvellous way’. I’m sure there are some for whom her images are too perfectly aligned and arranged that they’d like to ruffle them up a bit but for me, they’re just right.

Small object things arranged neatly by Karina Sharpe

Plant Patterns conceptual art created for online Australian magazine, The Plant Hunter.

The Banquet by Australian Conceptual Artist Karina Sharpe

Conceptual Still Life Photography for The Rabbit Hole Tea Bar in Sydney, Australia, with the intention of presenting their handsome, organic tea blends in an interesting and memorable way.

Stacks of tea - stacks of tea cups - conceptual still life by Karina Sharpe for The Rabbit hole

Organic Tea Break - Conceptual Photogrpahy by Karina Sharpe for The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar

Creative and conceptual jewellery photography and styling for Polli, a sustainable jewellery and clothing label that is designed and made in Byron bay, Australia.

Polli PaintedTimber Jewellery photographed by Karina Sharpe

Ice cream cone conceptual art.

A photo-illustration,draw over, by Karina Sharpe of a small ice cream cone made into a whimsy castle

Still Life in Charcoal.

Real Life in Charcoal, things organized neatly Still Life Photography by Karina Sharpe

If you want to get ideas on how to be creative with your photos, I suggest you have a look at Karina’s website here.

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