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Link Love | Art Matters

Have you ever thought what life would be like without art or artists who re-imagine the usual or re-imagine their medium?

Today I’m sharing four pieces of art that show some great creative re-imaginings. Which is your favourite?

From top left to right:

Photographer Aaron Tilley and set designer Kyle Bean ramp up the tension with their photo series which puts everyday things in potentially disastrous situations for the latest issue of Kinfolk magazine entitled ‘Adrenaline’. In this photo, you’re hoping like mad the egg doesn’t fall! First seen at Yellowtrace.

Swiss self-taught illustrator, Loïc also uses everyday objects for his art. By placing them in imaginary situations with his very cute ink drawn mouse, he makes us laugh and want to see more. Surely he should be creating a children’s book series? Find him on Instagram at Apredart.

Face paint gets a whole new makeover by Canadian makeup artist Andrea Reed and her specialist lip art. Can you believe this bee is painted on? Find Andrea on Instagram. First seen at Ultralinx.

These biscuits look too good to eat! Hungarian chef Judit Czinkné Poór has taken icing to a whole new level by recreating embroidery and lace designs on her cookies. You can see her in action on this video – the neatness and detail is amazing! And find her shop Mezesmanna on Facebook.

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