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DIY Friday | 4 Projects to Make

DIY collage

Are you feeling in the mood for a craft project? I fancy learning how to reupholster but have yet to enrol in a course. Here are four DIY projects I’ve found that don’t require booking yourself into a workshop …

From top left to right:

  • This is like reupholstering 101: take an old office chair with a metal frame and transform it with paint and some rope. Just make sure you don’t slacken off on the rope tension! Find out how at A Pair and a Spare.
  • Now that you’ve got a new desk chair, you need some new desk accessories. These geometric cork containers work for all kinds of stationery plus pot plants, and you can even hang them on your wall. Learn the ins and outs at Paper ‘n Stitch.
  • Satisfy that sweet tooth during a mid-afternoon slump at the office with this Chocolate Grapefruit Tart, made from chocolate pastry, grapefruit jam and chocolate tahini ganache. My mouth is watering already! Get the recipe at Twig Studios.
  • Now all you need on your desk is some decoration. Why not make these origami vases to hold flowers, foliage or feathers? And best of all, they are designed to hold a small vase or bottle so you don’t have to worry about the water! Find instructions at Monster Circus.

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