Month: May 2016


Link Love for May

This week, nature is my theme. It’s for those who love to fill their home with things that have nature at their heart and for those who love to create from collected flora and fauna. From top left to right: German designer Meike Harde encases dried flowers and leaves into clear glass, creating gorgeous platters that become table features in their own right. See more of these beautiful platters at Yellowtrace. Food blogger Aimee Twigger comes up with the most divine images and culinary creations, all of which look too good to eat. This wild garlic and hummus with Ritz cracker-coated asparagus sounds fancy but looks easy to make. She even foraged for wild garlic! Now that’s truly getting back to nature. Find the recipe at Twig Studios. I had never heard of sun printing before even though it’s been around since the 19th century! All you need is Sunography paper or fabric, objects to print with and, of course, the sun. Monster Circus creates some vibrant fabric prints using dried flowers, woven flax and kitchen objects which can be framed, turned …


Interview: Memobottle creators Jonathan and Jesse

Should you go into business with your best friend? Many people would say no but for product designer Jesse Leeworthy and accountant Jonathan Byrt it was perhaps their shared passion for water conservation and stylish but functional design that helped not hindered their working relationship. And maybe living in different countries helped too! The Australian-born creators and founders of the recently launched reusable, BPA-free slimline memobottle, whose design was inspired by a piece of paper, talk to me about where and how it all began … Please tell us a bit about about yourselves and your backgrounds. Jesse and I (Jonathan) grew up just south of Melbourne in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula. We spent a lot of our early days surfing and hiking and when we weren’t in the outdoors we were always actively working on ideas and looking for small business opportunities. This probably came partly from our parents’ influence, who have always run small innovative businesses. To be honest we never thought that working together was even a possibility let alone running a business …


4 Things to Love

Images from top left to right: Berlin-based photographer, Laura, and food stylist, Nora, have a food blog that looks too good to eat. I was drawn to their beautifully styled food shots and the idea of making some of their recipes but am too scared in case what I create looks far less appealing! Nonetheless, their ‘Glutenfree Kusmi Tea-Infused No-Bake Raspberry Cake’ looks divine and I love baking that requires no baking. Kusmi Tea is a tea brand and the tea used in this recipe is ‘Aquarosa’ which contains hibiscus, apple, red berries, mulberry leaves, elderberry so I reckon any fruity-flavoured tea could work. I have yet to try this but might drop a few subtle hints to the family given it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday! See more of their delectable work at Our Food Stories. Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng raids – if I can use that word – archaeological digs to find ancient porcelain pieces with which he creates ‘fashion’. His recent creations were made in collaboration with Lacoste and Alexander McQueen. Not only that …