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4 Things to Love

Images from top left to right:

  • Berlin-based photographer, Laura, and food stylist, Nora, have a food blog that looks too good to eat. I was drawn to their beautifully styled food shots and the idea of making some of their recipes but am too scared in case what I create looks far less appealing! Nonetheless, their ‘Glutenfree Kusmi Tea-Infused No-Bake Raspberry Cake’ looks divine and I love baking that requires no baking. Kusmi Tea is a tea brand and the tea used in this recipe is ‘Aquarosa’ which contains hibiscus, apple, red berries, mulberry leaves, elderberry so I reckon any fruity-flavoured tea could work. I have yet to try this but might drop a few subtle hints to the family given it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday! See more of their delectable work at Our Food Stories.
  • Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng raids – if I can use that word – archaeological digs to find ancient porcelain pieces with which he creates ‘fashion’. His recent creations were made in collaboration with Lacoste and Alexander McQueen. Not only that but models wore them down the runway! Amazing. See more at Fubiz.
  • Extreme and potentially lethal storms are some of nature’s most dramatic and dynamic works of art. Photographer Brandon Goforth kindly does the dirty work for us by travelling to the epicentre of some of America’s worst storms to photograph them so we can admire them from afar in the comfort of calm weather. A storm chaser enthusiast and wildlife photographer extraordinaire, Brandon has an incredible portfolio of work which you can see here.
  • I am absolutely taken by this street art graffiti by Cape Town graffiti artist Falko. His trademark elephants transform basic local buildings into colourful, imaginative and genuinely brilliant works of art. If I was this boy, I’d want to ride his home’s elephant every day. See more at Bored Panda and check out more of Falko’s work here.

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