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Surrealism with Brock Davis

Artist and ad-man Brock Davis nails it with his surreal photographs, in which he says, ‘The familiar becomes new, the ordinary, extraordinary’.

Just like these kernels, salt sprinkles and popcorn …


via Instagram @brockdavis

These pencils and rubberbands …


via Instagram @brockdavis

This peeled banana …


via Instagram @brockdavis

This cheese grater, he calls ‘The burning building’ …


via Instagram @brockdavis

This foot and ice cream …


‘High Heel’, 2015. Part of a group exhibition, Dismaland, themed around a dystopian amusement park. Davis was asked to exhibit by street artist Banksy. The featured image here, titled ‘Cake Ramp’ was also part of that exhibition.

Check out more of Brock’s work on Instagram @brockdavis and his website ‘It is the world that made you small’.

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