Month: August 2016


Video | Interview – Designer Duncan Meerding

Today I’d like to share a video interview with one of the designers whose work we love and feature on the store. Tasmanian Duncan Meerding is a furniture and lighting designer-maker of the traditional kind whose love of the outdoors and the ethical way in which things are made feature foremost in his design practice. ‘A lot of my designs concentrate on overall form and light going through and around objects rather than intense detailing,’ he says. His award-winning Cracked Log Lamp series of lights is testament to this. Made from salvaged logs, it is their cracks and imperfections Duncan harnesses when turning them into lighting. He also has a penchant for making durable and thoughtful flat-pack pieces such as his latest lighting range that takes its cue from aeroplane propellers and his leaning leaf coffee table. ‘Form and function should be a major part of the brief,’ he says. ‘Not necessarily, how do we make a million of the things?’ Come and meet Duncan and learn more about his design practice and the inspiration behind his …

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Art to Admire | Embroidery, Paper, Photography, DIY

Images from top left to right: Embroidery needn’t be boring. Fashion designer Meghan Willis uses thread like a pencil and creates clever and quirky embroidered drawings to celebrate women, “their strengths and sexuality”. You can find her work at Tsurubride. On a diet? Then look no further (with no need to eat) than the realistic food art of Australia-based stop-motion animation specialists, Yell Design, who have perfected the creation of paper food based on gastronomies around the world. See more at Yell Design. American graphic designer Lizzie Darden also loves to play with her food but her creations are too good to eat. I love these poached egg flowers! Discover cake bras, candy sprinkle donuts and coconut disco balls at Fubiz. Fancy doing your own embroidery art? Embellish some plain white sneakers with colourful thread and show off your handiwork with your footwork. Learn how on the Etsy blog thanks to embroidery artist Liz Payne for her DIY idea.

Interview: David and Etienne | Vintage Aeroplane Upcyclers

Aeroplane enthusiasts and fellow French men based in Sydney, Australia, David Clement and Etienne Proust, have turned their part-time hobby into a fully fledged business where their pieces of restored and upcycled vintage aircraft propellers and aero-furniture are sought after by collectors and designers around the world. They source their parts from original planes from the 1930s to the 1970s and describe their business Propell’art as a place where ‘aviation meets modern art’. Come and meet the aero-upcycling duo and learn more about their passion … Please introduce yourselves – tell us a bit about your backgrounds and how you’ve ended up where you are today. Etienne: I’m French-Australian and have been in Australia for thirteen years, working as head barista in a city coffee shop. I am passionate about classic cars and restore abandoned cars, mostly British cars, Jaguars, MGs etc then sell them or keep them. Dave: I am French born and have been in Australia for eleven years now, working in marketing and strategy for an import and distribution business. I’m also importing …

Interview: Nick Zammit | Woodturner

The best thing about a hobby is you can tinker and experiment with new ideas and different materials. Even better, is when your hobbyist tinkering can be turned into a business! UK businessman Nick Zammit has done just that with his love of wood turning. Just see what he does with coloured pencils in this video. My name is Nick and I’m a business owner in Hampshire United Kingdom. I turn wood as a hobby. I just love working with wood and love creating things. My distant family loved working with wood so I guess it comes from that. I work from home and turn when I can. I also love showing how I make each item on YouTube and to help new turners if I can. I love being in my shed, working on my projects, it takes me away to a different place a place where I can relax and be somebody else. I’m a business owner of several companies – one with four offices across the UK and sixty staff – so wood turning is …