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Interview: Nick Zammit | Woodturner

The best thing about a hobby is you can tinker and experiment with new ideas and different materials. Even better, is when your hobbyist tinkering can be turned into a business! UK businessman Nick Zammit has done just that with his love of wood turning. Just see what he does with coloured pencils in this video.


Tell us about yourself …

My name is Nick and I’m a business owner in Hampshire United Kingdom. I turn wood as a hobby. I just love working with wood and love creating things. My distant family loved working with wood so I guess it comes from that. I work from home and turn when I can. I also love showing how I make each item on YouTube and to help new turners if I can.

I love being in my shed, working on my projects, it takes me away to a different place a place where I can relax and be somebody else. I’m a business owner of several companies – one with four offices across the UK and sixty staff – so wood turning is my ‘get away from the big business world’!

Where do you source the wood from?

I source my wood from all over but mainly eBay and a small wood shop called John Davis Woodturning in Stockbridge. I just ordered some from the United States which is amazing.



The results of your wood turning using coloured pencils are fantastic. Tell us more about this and the process involved.

I saw a picture on the internet of a pencil bowl and thought I would give it a go as it looked amazing. I’ve now made several bowls and sold many. I’ve also made pencil pots, vases and clocks.

It is hard work and very time-consuming, some are mixed with resin and others bits of wood. But the result is worth it.




Nick at work in his studio

What are some of your important tools of trade?

I love working with the Carbide Tools, they make life easy but most of all the finishes. When you get the right finish on your work using the right product, it just shines.

Have you ever had a ‘who’d have thought’ moment?

Who’d have thought I would be turning wood at forty, haha! Not many people. But I love it.


You can see more of Nick’s projects on You Tube at

Find Nick and his business NZ Woodturning Co on Facebook and Etsy.

Visit the Who'd Have Thought store

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