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Video | Interview – Designer Duncan Meerding


Today I’d like to share a video interview with one of the designers whose work we love and feature on the store. Tasmanian Duncan Meerding is a furniture and lighting designer-maker of the traditional kind whose love of the outdoors and the ethical way in which things are made feature foremost in his design practice.

‘A lot of my designs concentrate on overall form and light going through and around objects rather than intense detailing,’ he says.

His award-winning Cracked Log Lamp series of lights is testament to this. Made from salvaged logs, it is their cracks and imperfections Duncan harnesses when turning them into lighting.

Duncan Meerding's Cracked Log Lamps

Duncan Meerding’s Cracked Log Lamps

He also has a penchant for making durable and thoughtful flat-pack pieces such as his latest lighting range that takes its cue from aeroplane propellers and his leaning leaf coffee table.

The Propeller Light by Duncan Meerding

The Propeller Light

Duncan Meerding's Leaning Leaf Table

Leaning Leaf Coffee Table

‘Form and function should be a major part of the brief,’ he says. ‘Not necessarily, how do we make a million of the things?’

Come and meet Duncan and learn more about his design practice and the inspiration behind his work …

You can find some of Duncan’s wares on our store and follow Duncan on Instagram and Facebook.

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