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4 Ingenious Designs

Today I’d like to share with you four designs that perfectly blend practicality with originality and quirkiness.

Top left to right:

  • I featured an interview with the creators behind the giant HB Pencil Lamp a few months ago – here – and now husband and wife team Michael and George have launched on Kickstarter with a smaller version as pictured. Their clever design, Drew, pays homage to the humble pencil by hovering over surfaces as if held by an invisible hand and doodling straight into your computer or wall socket. I just love it! If you want to back their project and get a massive discount on a lamp, you’d better get in quick as support for them has already gone nuts. Go to Kickstarter now.
  • I can’t decide if I’d want a bird wrapped around my neck but I do love the idea of making a scarf statement and having a giggle at the same time. Etsy creator Nina Fuhrer beautifully hand-makes scarves from merino wool and cashmere and features different birds, cats and foxes. The beaks/mouths contain a clasp so they stay fixed in place and she will even custom make to a bird or animal of your choice. Find Nina here.
  • A watch the doesn’t tell the time might sound pretty pointless but designer Micah Davis wants the wearer to focus on the now and to encourage people to ‘live like it matters’. It’s a shame we need a reminder to stay focused on the present but I think this watch has nailed it brilliantly and its genius lies in its simplicity. I dare you to throw away time! First seen at Lost at E Minor. Buy them at Matters.
  • If furniture could talk, these mobile micro-kitchens have gossip written all over them! Looking like a cute animal that might just speak, LOLO: The Capsular Microkitchen, is the creation of Russian designers Misha and Tanya. Each module is intended for one electrical appliance, such as a microwave or coffee-machine and accompanying accessories such as cups, plates, cutlery, tea, coffee etc. Perfect for small homes or an office. See more at Aotta.

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