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Interview: Anna Eidt | Altered Vintage Plates

Etsy maker Anna Eidt has truly had a ‘who’d have thought’ life in which she has overcome a terrible accident to forge a new creative direction – considerably different to the one she thought she was going to have. From vocal music teacher and choral conductor, Anna now specialises in painting traditional vintage plates and saucers with, shall we say, unconventional, phrases and images. Royal Doulton gets a shocking, subversive makeover and I love it!


Anna Eidt of Lou Brown Vintage creates ‘altered vintage goods’.

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your background

I’m Nova Scotian born, transplanted to Ontario for work and love. I love quiet, cats, podcasts, yoga, swimming, decorating/interior design, and reading rad female authors of all genres.

When and why did you begin exploring with the idea of altering vintage plates and saucers? 

I have always loved drawing and crafting but my love of music was the dominant force until very recently. I trained to become a vocal music teacher and choral conductor and pursued that route professionally for four years until a bike accident left me with severe chronic migraine. Stuck at home for days on end, unable to work, listen to music, exercise, or even look at a computer screen, I decided to put together a plate wall for myself. Then I decided to paint on the plates I found. Then, in trying to find alternative careers to full-time teaching which was no longer on the table, I went all out with decals to produce piles and piles of plates to share.


Can you share a bit about the creative process? Where do your ideas come from?

My ideas come from many places. In the beginning they were just things I liked that I wanted on my wall, such as cute mushrooms and a watermelon. Then, I was taken with the subversive or “crass” stitch movement of juxtaposing granny-style cross stitch pieces with swear words. Then, when I started to apply my drawing knowledge to painting and began improving, it was exciting to combine attitude-exuding animals with phrases. Lately, I have been inspired by feminists and bad ass women standing up for themselves. Body positivity, anti-racism, and anti-misogynistic movements have all played a part in inspiring my work.


How do you like to work?

By almost exclusively listening to podcasts. Two Dope Queens and Sooo Many White Guys are my faves.

What are some of your important tools of trade?

Waterslide decal paper, Porcelaine 150 paint, any old brushes – I don’t know enough to be picky.


Have you ever had a ‘who’d have thought’ moment? 

I have a “who’d have thought” moment pretty much every day. I was going to be a die-hard choir nerd my whole life. Now I alter vintage plates and send them all over the world. Seriously, who’d have thought that would happen?


Thanks so much, Anna! You can find Anna on Etsy and Facebook.

Visit the Who'd Have Thought store

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