Month: January 2017


Interview: BregjesDesign |Upcycled Porcelain Jeweller

What better way to re-use grandma’s old china or upcycle broken crockery than by turning it into wearable ‘modern’ jewellery? My first interview of the year combines two of my loves: ceramics and jewellery. Searching for a career change and fearing she was becoming a china hoarder, Dutch maker Bregjes Weterings turned her back on teaching to create a new business … Jewellery maker Bregje Weterings Can you please introduce yourself – tell us about your background and how you’ve got to where you are today? I’m Bregje Weterings, 31 years old, a collector and unstoppable creative living in The Netherlands. I am an Amsterdam lover who likes to travel, an up-cyclist, positive thinker, to-do list lover, history freak. For 12 years I taught youngsters to read and write and now I am the founder of BregjesDesign. Just like my mum, sister, uncle and little sister I became a teacher and it felt really good. I taught for 12 years and had a great time both in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Despite this, I decided to change course. …


Japan | Photo Essay and Travel Insights

If you’ve been following us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll be aware that I’ve just had a trip to Japan and today I’d like to share some insights and photos. Maybe you’ll be inspired to visit, if you’ve not been already! Japan is a world uniquely its own. It’s a country with a perplexing mix of contrasts, of the old mingled with the new, the traditional with the modern, and a people who pride themselves on cleanliness, politeness and order. With much of its architecture and telephone lines stuck in the 1970s their gadgets are high-tech: singing kettles, talking baths and intelligent toilets with heated seats that rise on their own. There might be super-fast space-age trains and an efficient transport system but to purchase a train pass is an exercise in complex paperwork. Their gardens are beautifully Zen and calm, while the shopping strips and departments stores fling neon lights, dazzling technology and the high-pitched welcomes of sales assistants at you. Although their food is ultra fresh and immaculately presented, in many places you can still smoke in eating areas. But …


Mia Penn’s “The Raisin Did It”

Over the past eight years while freelancing as a journalist for Australian Country Magazine, I have interviewed some fascinating characters while photographer Ken Brass snapped our perspective. I’d love you to meet some of them starting with Mia Penn, who blames everything on her imaginary friend, the Raisin. Words by Meryl Hancock. Repurposing and reinventing seem only natural to self-confessed opportunist Mia Penn, who has revitalised a tired cottage in Sydney’s Marrickville.  Bubbly chatter and belly laughs greet my arrival at a shiny red front door. It’s ajar so I pop my head into the hallway to a story-book vignette — an artfully arranged succulent, an antique map of Australia hung on vintage wallpaper and a cute cane chair awaiting Goldilocks. It’s tempting to sit down but there’s work to be done. A flash of floral fabric appears and with it a large grin and it’s quickly apparent I’ve found the true source of the feng shui. With a collector mother and a father who is both an abstract artist and a musician, Mia Penn admits to being the product of their creative influence …