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Transform our world | United Nations Sustainability Development Goals

The United Nations has set down 17 aspirational global goals for a more equitable, greener and healthier planet by the year 2030. The Sustainability Development Goals are a universal “call to action” to end poverty and hunger, obliterate gender inequality, triumph over climate change and improve clean water and sanitation globally, to name a few.

17-global-goalsFor change to occur, it is essential that companies, governments, and individuals collaborate to work towards making an impact. It’s the small things that count such as turning off lights, drying clothes in the sunshine, and saving on paper by using a notebook instead of printing screeds of documents from your printer. We’ve heard it all before but cutting down on waste by composting, using a recyclable coffee cup, shopping vintage, buying “funny fruit”, and walking instead of driving, are small and achievable adjustments to our daily routines. They’re all within our humble capabilities.


When governments and corporations get onboard, then change can have a more significant impact. Our parent company Sproutworld has opted to focus on improving education and has pledged to donate pencils to children’s homes throughout the world. For every 8 pack of Sprout Pencils sold online, one pencil is donated to this cause.


Sproutworld has also established a campaign that uses Sprout Pencils as a tool to demonstrate commitment to the SDGs, by etching the 17 goals on Sprout Pencils. If you or your organisation is focusing on one particular goal, then gifting Sprout with the associated etching, can raise awareness of the global goals and hopefully stimulate some positive action.


If you’d like more information on this campaign and are considering such an initiative in your workplace or at home, don’t hesitate to contact us at Who’d Have Thought.

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