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DIY for Birdlovers

I’m not sure if it’s our New Zealand heritage and national mascot – a flightless and defenceless forager, but Jane and I both adore birds. We fawn over anything feathered that chirps and warbles in spite of our relatively urban upbringings. Nowadays during lunch breaks, we’re delighted when we’re visited by kookaburras in the garden of our WHT workspace, even though it’s not our friendship they are necessarily after. So when they fly away home, start creating some tweety reminders of the good times.IMG_8137Rock, wire and branches complete the materials for this simple wall sculpture. Find DIY instructions on similar pebble art hereGumboots as Bird HousesDon’t ditch your holey gumboots, they make a perfect birdhouse for nesting tweeters. Warm, waterproof and hence inviting, my Dad’s size 13’s were always at the back door and were occasionally a shelter for large wetas. Instructions for creating a raft of hidden-holes for your friends can be found here. Materials are a few pairs of old gumboots, a sharp knife, scrap wood, screws and some bolts. Too easy.IMG_8159Vintage dictionary pages make a fantastic backdrop for simple bird stencilling. All that is required is ink, a ruler, vintage newspaper or dictionary pages and some imagination. There are some amazing versions on Etsy.IMG_8136Terrariums are all the rage and by filling a glass cloche (a bell shaped jar) with speckled eggs, moss, hay and feathers, you’ll have your own pocket of design inspiration. Pinterest has many suggestions to inspire. You’ve still got time to adorn your house before Easter.Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 2.24.20 PMI can’t help but desire this extraordinary fascinator, I’m sure it’s the contrasting red hair that makes it so vibrant (which mine is most definitely not) but I want one! Sadly I’m unable to find DIY instructions, but you could wing it and handmake it yourself or just buy one from Etsy.

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