Month: April 2017

Wearable Art | Thirty Years of wacky

What would happen if art was ripped off the wall and thrown onto a human body? We all love a dress-up but there’s something thrilling and amusing about the World of Wearable Art and the international competition staged in my home town Wellington, New Zealand each year. It’s as if the concept of haute couture is poked, prodded and flipped on its head (or rammed where the sun don’t shine). Designers from the worlds of architecture, art, theatre, jewellery making, textile and industrial crafting are united by the challenge to construct without commercial constraint. The results are no less than inspirational. The opportunity for innovation and invention is irresistible to an enormous band of entrants worldwide. The show-and-tell takes place on a giant runway amid an extravagant lighting and sound display, overall it’s not too far removed from catwalk, but the outfits are seriously ingenious. The rest of Wellington rejoices and retail outlets show their support by proudly displaying entries in shop frontages, plus a few premium entries make the foyer of the world renowned Te Papa Museum on the Wellington foreshore. In Aotearoa, the competition has become an institution and this …

5 Most Unusual Hotels

Are you tired of the usual hotel room with its stock standard decor, layout and design? Do you wish your unique travel experiences could extend to the place in which you stay? Below are five different hotels from around the world that will challenge every idea you had about holiday accommodation and make you want to visit toute-de-suite for a one-of-a-kind, who’d-have-thought type of vacation … My top pick for the most original, thought-provoking, witty, ingenious, artistic hotels I’ve ever seen is street artist Bansky’s newest endeavour. The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, Palestine, facing the wall separating Palestine and Israel, takes the concept of visiting a new place to a whole new level. Without bias or prejudice, the hotel tells the story of the wall through art, a museum and decor. And it’s clever – if tongue-in-cheek and black humour are your thing. The hotel’s name says it all. As do the floating cherubs with gas masks in the piano room (image above), the street art on the walls and the statues choking on tear gas. …

Instagram Love

Take creative inspiration from these Instagrammers. We do. Main image from top left to right: Photographer MR BO | SA from Above: Beautiful shots of South Australia from the air #safromabove Ceramicist Alana Wilson, with whom I did a ceramics masterclass recently and blogged about here #alanawilsonstudio The simple but clever imagery of graphic designer and photographer Connor Dwyer #connortd Eggsconcept creative gallery of art in which eggs take centre stage #eggsconcept