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DIY Love

We haven’t featured DIY for a while so to tempt those DIY fingers, check out these ideas …


DIY Backyard Makeover: Fantastic inexpensive ideas to transform a concrete patio using a fake grass rug and chalk stencils on the wall. Read more about Sarah Khandjian, author of DIY blog Sarah Hearts, and her backyard makeover at Popsugar.


Handmade Clay Letters: Transform a party or a wall with your own handmade letters using Sculpey or FIMO clay. The Oh Happy Day blog is so colourful and fun, I defy any DIY sceptic not to fall in love with their ideas!


Pressing Flowers with Beci Orpin: If these gorgeous pictures don’t inspire flower and foliage pressing, then nothing will. Find out how to make your own pressed flower art at We Are Scout, which also talks about Beci Orpin’s new craft book, Sunshine Spaces.


Homemade Lunch/Snack: After all that making a scrumptious snack is needed! Goats cheese toast with walnuts, honey and thyme satisfy our taste buds and are easy-peasy. Bake multi-grain toasts in the oven for five minutes with goats cheese, walnuts and a drizzle of walnut oil. Take out and do more drizzling, this time with honey and thyme leaves. Yum! Image found on Pinterest.


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