Month: July 2017

Interview: Hamimi Design | Celebrating Moroccan Artisans

Working as a business duo on opposite sides of the world has not deterred brother and sister designers and founders of Moroccan boutique brand Hamimi Design. In fact, it has brought them closer together, says Alex of their unique working arrangement. With Alex living in Brisbane, Australia and Rebecca in Marrakech, they have a designed a business around each other’s strengths, love of Morocco and the desire to produce quality products – jewellery, bags, lighting – using talented local craftspeople. Tell us about yourselves and about the Hamimi brand Rebecca:- I have called Marrakech home for the past decade after travelling there on a whim and falling in love with the city. I later fell in love with my husband Larbi Cherkaoui who is a well-established Moroccan artist ( I am also a painter, having studied fine art in Australia. Hamimi’s studio in Marrakech shares a building with Larbi’s art studio and gallery. We have a 5-year-old son Soulaiman and live in Gueliz, a cosmopolitan ‘French’ area just outside the Marrakech medina. Prior to Hamimi, …

Paper Plus

Paper is a precious resource made all the more hallowed by artists with a talent for cutting, rolling, sculpting and provoking thought. Clockwise from top left:  Texting from the toilet? Kevin LCK is an artist and illustrator who touches on the unhealthy relationship between humans and technology. Find more Formerly a 3D animator, pop culture aficionado Monami Ohno uses cardboard to create sculptures with multiple parts. Everyday objects such as beer cans and sneakers are also a favourite. Her instagram is @monamincb Rolled newspapers are not only good as fire starters, Chie Hitotsuyama uses yesterday’s news to sculpt animals such as these Japanese snow monkeys. Check out more here @hitotsuyamastudio When Su Blackwell gets her hands on old books, stories quite literally jump off the pages. She often has two or three sculptures on the go at any one time, simply amazing. Find a design to suit you @sublackwellstudio      

Art Mash-Up

There’s nothing like a bit of surrealism to mix up your day and make you see the world in a new light. From top left to right: Designer Famke Dijkstra makes lights that don’t take themselves too seriously. I love them! Find her work on Pinterest or buy them from her website. What began as a way to document creepy crawly insects soon turned into a celebration of them. Japanese artist Yuki Tsunoda uses the medium-soft glass called Italian Moretti to fashion all sorts of insects in all their beauty, true to form and size. First seen at Lost at E Minor. Spanish street artist Miguel Ángel Belinchón Buje, who goes by the name of Belin, has the Cubist touch with his street art that hones in on the eye. Found at Fubiz. As Stephen McMennamy says, he likes to ‘combine stuff.’ That’s putting it mildly. With a wicked sense of the absurd and surreal, he mashes together images to create photos like you’ve never seen before. Check out the combination of Hilary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s faces. Follow him on …