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Paper Plus

Paper is a precious resource made all the more hallowed by artists with a talent for cutting, rolling, sculpting and provoking thought.

Clockwise from top left: 

  • Texting from the toilet? Kevin LCK is an artist and illustrator who touches on the unhealthy relationship between humans and technology. Find more
  • Formerly a 3D animator, pop culture aficionado Monami Ohno uses cardboard to create sculptures with multiple parts. Everyday objects such as beer cans and sneakers are also a favourite. Her instagram is @monamincb
  • Rolled newspapers are not only good as fire starters, Chie Hitotsuyama uses yesterday’s news to sculpt animals such as these Japanese snow monkeys. Check out more here @hitotsuyamastudio
  • When Su Blackwell gets her hands on old books, stories quite literally jump off the pages. She often has two or three sculptures on the go at any one time, simply amazing. Find a design to suit you @sublackwellstudio




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