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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s Father’s Day Down Under on Sunday September 3, so we thought we’d compile some gifts ideas to turn Father’s Day on it’s head. And if it isn’t Father’s Day in your part of the world, maybe this will inspire you to buy something unique for the men in your life – for their birthday or for Christmas.


From top left to right: The Standard Apron from Jeanbag, handmade from recycled denim jeans; Kappa Wood Watch made from 100% natural wood and non-toxic materials by Panache Living; The Knife Block crafted by Tasmanian designer Duncan Meerding; Drew the Table Lamp in black by clever designers Michael and George.


From top left to right: Upcycled Cork Rubber Toilet Bag from Ecoupcycle Studio on Etsy; Bacon Wallet for bringing home the bacon from Third Drawer Down; Rap Lyrics Fortune Cookies by Fortune Cookie Flows; Rounded Base Bar Whiskey Glasses from Cool Hunting.

Happy shopping!

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