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Doggie Knits | Wow the Poocherazzi

Is your hound on-trend or are you too embarrassed to be seen in public with your four-legged friend in case of stalking poocherazzi? Unless you’re knitting for a Saint Bernard, it’s a relatively inexpensive exercise producing a garment for your loved one. Here are some stylish knits to preserve the celebrity status of your canine fashionista.


Pretty as a powderpuff, this stocking stitch pullover with matching hat (along with a multitude of variations) was available on eBay when I first sourced it but has since disappeared – perhaps due to overwhelmingly popularity. Adorable, but kind of weird to have your furball surpass you in cuteness.


Strike a pose, swag in colour and slimline fit, this garment is cleverly designed with an aerated under passage to allow sensational access for those last minute calls of nature. Take a leaf, humans. Image courtesy of Pinterest.


The snoods have it. Hail the Prince of Wales who made Fair Isle tank tops fashionable in the 1920s. Named after a tiny island off the Scottish coastline that forms part of the Shetland Islands, the Fair Isle knitting technique is not for the faint-hearted and along with the brand Pringle, shoves Scotland up the ranks of the luxury wool garment market. Image from Pinterest.


ET GO HOME!! Stripes are all the rage and this colour way is definitely de rigueur – Pale Dogwood is one of Pantone’s top ten colour predictions for this summer. A striped pattern is also an ideal way to use up leftover balls of wool, or so Dorothy (my Mother) says. Image from Pinterest.

Screenshot 2017-11-08 21.01.46

Sheep? Dogs that look like sheep? Sheepdogs? Knitted balaclavas hide a multitude of sins, a hairy chin, a double chin, a slobbery chin and a dog-food encrusted chin, all the while negating heat loss from the balding pate. Image from Pinterest.

Screenshot 2017-11-08 20.56.57And if your furry friend wants some sleepover buddies over Christmas and the New Year, then I’d advise you to whip up a few reindeer snoods and Santa hats for the occasion. Why should your puppy miss out on the dress-up fun? Image from Pinterest.

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