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4 Artists that Caught our Eye


From top left to right:-

Set designer and paper artist Barcelona-based Raya Sader Bujana makes teeny weeny cacti and plants out of paper because why have a life-size real plant when you can have a miniature fake one? At least they don’t need looking after apart from the odd dust. Find her work on Instagram at Little Ray of Sunflower and buy them on Etsy. The terrarium cacti are my favourite. First seen at Fubiz.

Sometimes you just want to blend into your surroundings and not stand out. UK photographer Joseph Ford and his friend knitting-lover Nina have come up with a unique way of doing just this. Hours of work goes in to ensure the perfect Knitted Camouflage. First seen at Lost at E Minor.

Korean sculptor Kang Dong Hyun makes animals come alive by transforming metal into branch-like structures and then creating the full form of a creature. They are life-like yet abstract, moving yet still. Follow him on Instagram and see more at Fubiz.

A photograph of a painting or a painting of a painting? Dutch artist Gerard Boersma loves to record people on the streets and public transport, in stores and museums. They are so realistic you would be forgiven for thinking they were the real thing. You can find his work here. First seen on Creative Boom.

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