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Shipping Container Innovation

The first shipping container was invented in the United States in 1956 by trucker Malcolm McLean. Prior to this crates were wooden and oddly shaped and sized which made for incredibly slow and inefficient loading and unloading of goods. Shipping containers reduced the cost of loading by 90% thus reducing the price of imports and exports. Properties of strength, theft resistance, and uniformity have enticed innovative designers and architects to transform the humble container. Where would the city of Christchurch be without these gems? After the 2011 earthquakes, shipping containers replaced bricks and mortar retail outlets in a unique pop-up precinct.


URBANTAINER introduced modulated red containers for the National Theater Company of Korea



US architects Jendretzki built Hightree House to Scandinavian design conventions


Room 11 Architects from Tasmania chose to perch a container on stilts for this hilly build


Tekapo Tiny House was created by IQ Container Homes from Waiheke Island, New Zealand


Hunter Leggitt from Hunter Leggitt Studio rallied 7 design students for this conversion


Coastal landscaping embraces a pool from a shipping container by Melbourne’s Fiona Brockhoff


British architect Patrick Bradley designs cantilevered offices from shipping containers


Freecycle USA is a DIY blog on building container homes

All images courtesy of Pinterest

Links are as follows:



Room 11 Architects

IQ Container Homes

Hunter Leggitt Studio

Patrick Bradley



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