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Vintage Victories

As long-time advocates of reusing and recycling, we’re eager to share the fabulous work of vintage and second hand storeowners. In Sydney alone, if we don’t make changes to our current waste removal strategies, the City of Sydney predicts that by 2030, households and businesses will be sending more than 200,000 tonnes to landfill each year. Shockingly, it may have to be deposited more than 250 kilometres away. So the trick is to shop smart, shop local and hone your ethical awareness. Here are four small businesses we track on Instagram, that receive our undying love and devotion…

Art Love for the New Year


From top left to right:

Fantastic beach photo by Jorge De La Torriente, winner of the Aerial Photography section in the Hasselblad Masters Awards 2018. There were 31,000 entries for the 11 categories and some amazing stuff. See the full image and all the winners at Fubiz.

Life-like detailed embroidery by stage and costume desinger and freelance illustrator Ezgi Pamir. See more of her work at I Need a Guide and on her Instagram.

I love Salman Khoshroo’s paintings! Using a large palette knife and huge dollops of paint, he can construct portraits and figures that are so full of meaning and movement but with minimal detail. First seen at I Need a Guide.

Have a tree that needs painting? Russian artist Eugenia Dudnikova can help. She paints whimsical watercolours on tree trunks, full of poetry and unexpectedness. See more at Fubiz.

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Chocoholic Meltdown

Many of us have been literally gob-smacked by the 2018 viral news article stating that chocolate may be extinct by 2050 due to climate change! Quelle horreur.

But upon further (desperate) research by a self-confessed addict it appears that scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, are experimenting with CRISPR gene editing to future-proof the cacao plant so that it becomes tougher and more resistant to viral and fungal diseases. Currently two of the major cacao producing regions (the Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana region of Africa, and Indonesia) are predicted to suffer from a reduced cultivation area as a result of predicted global temperature rises, which will speed up the spread of disease.

The innovative genomic research, backed by the Mars corporation who incidentally has stumped up US$1 billion, intends to safe-guard cacao production for the future, so we can happily satiate our chocolate cravings to the moon and back. So hold the meltdown.

Screenshot 2018-01-11 11.53.33

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Festive Food

Cooking for the festive season should be all about fun! It should be fun to cook, fun to look to at and fun to eat.

Have yourself a tasty little Christmas with these four recipes which encapsulate fun and festivity, colour and cheerfulness.

Cranberry and Pomegranate Pavlova – a new twist to an old classic mixing mascarpone with cream and decorating with sprigs of rosemary. Yum! Find the recipe (and gorgeous photos) at Gastro Senses.

Lady Bug Caprese Salad – turn the humble cherry tomato, a sliver of mozzarella, a basil leave and an olive into something else entirely. How cute are they? See more food art at Viral Nova.

Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter – veges have never looked so good! Boost your vitamins this Christmas with this easy-to-make raw vegetable platter and dipping sauce. Get the recipe at Betty Croker.

White Chocolate Dipped Cherries – tart up your cherries with some melted chocolate and silver balls. They look fantastic and best of all no stoning is required! Found at Four Generations One Roof.

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