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Vintage Victories

As long-time advocates of reusing and recycling, we’re eager to share the fabulous work of vintage and second hand storeowners. In Sydney alone, if we don’t make changes to our current waste removal strategies, the City of Sydney predicts that by 2030, households and businesses will be sending more than 200,000 tonnes to landfill each year. Shockingly, it may have to be deposited more than 250 kilometres away. So the trick is to shop smart, shop local and hone your ethical awareness. Here are four small businesses we track on Instagram, that receive our undying love and devotion…

Art Love for the New Year

From top left to right: Fantastic beach photo by Jorge De La Torriente, winner of the Aerial Photography section in the Hasselblad Masters Awards 2018. There were 31,000 entries for the 11 categories and some amazing stuff. See the full image and all the winners at Fubiz. Life-like detailed embroidery by stage and costume desinger and freelance illustrator Ezgi Pamir. See more of her work at I Need a Guide and on her Instagram. I love Salman Khoshroo’s paintings! Using a large palette knife and huge dollops of paint, he can construct portraits and figures that are so full of meaning and movement but with minimal detail. First seen at I Need a Guide. Have a tree that needs painting? Russian artist Eugenia Dudnikova can help. She paints whimsical watercolours on tree trunks, full of poetry and unexpectedness. See more at Fubiz.  

Interview: Sophie Carnell | Jeweller and Artist

Sophie Carnell is a jewellery maker and artist living and working on Bruny Island, Tasmania, Asutralia who only embarked on a Fine Arts degree in her late thirties and silver smithing fairly recently. She’s the perfect example of how it’s never too late to start a creative practice! Fascinated by history, the landscape and our connection with the environment, Sophie explores these ideas, often using recycled, upcycled and collected materials in her work that combines jewellery and art and art with jewellery. Read on to learn more … Please introduce yourself. Tell us about your background and how you’ve got to where you are today. I was born in England and lived there until I was twenty, growing up in the picturesque Cotswolds and rambling free around the countryside as a child. I also lived on a little island off the South West Coast of Ireland. That forever instilled in my heart a love of storm blue oceans, lowering skies, dizzying clifftops and wild coastlines. When I came to Australia I lived for ten years …

Paper Plus

Paper is a precious resource made all the more hallowed by artists with a talent for cutting, rolling, sculpting and provoking thought. Clockwise from top left:  Texting from the toilet? Kevin LCK is an artist and illustrator who touches on the unhealthy relationship between humans and technology. Find more Formerly a 3D animator, pop culture aficionado Monami Ohno uses cardboard to create sculptures with multiple parts. Everyday objects such as beer cans and sneakers are also a favourite. Her instagram is @monamincb Rolled newspapers are not only good as fire starters, Chie Hitotsuyama uses yesterday’s news to sculpt animals such as these Japanese snow monkeys. Check out more here @hitotsuyamastudio When Su Blackwell gets her hands on old books, stories quite literally jump off the pages. She often has two or three sculptures on the go at any one time, simply amazing. Find a design to suit you @sublackwellstudio