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Chocoholic Meltdown

Many of us have been literally gob-smacked by the 2018 viral news article stating that chocolate may be extinct by 2050 due to climate change! Quelle horreur. But upon further (desperate) research by a self-confessed addict it appears that scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, are experimenting with CRISPR gene editing to future-proof the cacao plant so that it becomes tougher and more resistant to viral and fungal diseases. Currently two of the major cacao producing regions (the Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana region of Africa, and Indonesia) are predicted to suffer from a reduced cultivation area as a result of predicted global temperature rises, which will speed up the spread of disease. The innovative genomic research, backed by the Mars corporation who incidentally has stumped up US$1 billion, intends to safe-guard cacao production for the future, so we can happily satiate our chocolate cravings to the moon and back. So hold the meltdown. Images courtesy of Pinterest

Festive Food

Cooking for the festive season should be all about fun! It should be fun to cook, fun to look to at and fun to eat. Have yourself a tasty little Christmas with these four recipes which encapsulate fun and festivity, colour and cheerfulness. Cranberry and Pomegranate Pavlova – a new twist to an old classic mixing mascarpone with cream and decorating with sprigs of rosemary. Yum! Find the recipe (and gorgeous photos) at Gastro Senses. Lady Bug Caprese Salad – turn the humble cherry tomato, a sliver of mozzarella, a basil leave and an olive into something else entirely. How cute are they? See more food art at Viral Nova. Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter – veges have never looked so good! Boost your vitamins this Christmas with this easy-to-make raw vegetable platter and dipping sauce. Get the recipe at Betty Croker. White Chocolate Dipped Cherries – tart up your cherries with some melted chocolate and silver balls. They look fantastic and best of all no stoning is required! Found at Four Generations One Roof.  

What’s for breakfast?

Instagram is second to none for stimulating salivary glands, so this week we’re sharing some of our favourite breakfast instas to tantalise you. Clockwise from top left:  @symmetrybreakfast – Shanghai based breakfasts cooked by Michael for Mark. You are either a person who embraces order or you’re a fan of chaos, whichever way these images guarantee a smile. Breakfast is a smoked salmon rice bowl with avocado, nori, tamagoyaki, fish eggs and pluots (half plum, half apricots). @whatforbreakfast – Berlin resident Marta Greber loves to eat good breakfasts and loves to travel from time to time. Her photography is exquisite in its simplicity, evidenced by this bird’s eye view of banana porridge with caramelised pears. @thehealthyhunter – Holly from Melbourne is a food blogger, recipe developer and health enthusiast. Breakfast is not just your average smashed avo on toast, there’s always a delightful twist. All Holly’s delectable recipes are posted on her blog – link in profile. @breakfastinsydney – Liz Lyons shares food recommendations in and around Sydney, such an enviable job and a clever …

Interview: Daniele Barresi | Carving Designer

Today’s interviewee is a true ‘who’d have thought-er’! Italian-born-Sydney-based Daniele Barresi not only carves food for a living, he turns it into works of art. The insides of a humble pumpkin becomes an intricately sculpted work. An avocado – no longer useful only to ‘smash’ on toast – is carved and cut into a delicate work of art. Broccoli, watermelon, zucchinis, pears. Even soap. From fisherman to chef, Daniele – at only 26-years-old – has literally carved a niche for himself and has formed a huge following for his in-demand works. Come and find out what happens when he ‘leaves his mind flying’ … Tell us about yourself – who are you, what’s is your background? Hello, I am Daniele Barresi. I am 26 years old, originating from Italy. I am a carving designer. At the age of 14, I started working as a fisherman for my family’s company. But this was not my passion and that was why I started studying at cooking school. When and why did you begin exploring with carving? I …