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Things I’ve learnt this week

I’ve discovered two things this week and thought I’d share them with you … Turns out there’s some pretty good things about being over 40, such as: there are no grown ups, there are no soul mates and it’s okay to not like jazz. This New York Times article is great reading for all those over 40 and all those yet to get there! I eat sushi the wrong way. I dunk the whole thing in soy sauce. I eat in multiple mouthfuls. If you’d like to know how eat foreign foods the right way and not make a fool of yourself when you’re visiting others’ countries, check out this video from Buzzfeed [via Lost at E Minor]. Happy weekending! Jane  {image via Steve Snodgrass}

Who'd Have Thought link love collage May 2014

Things that caught my eye: Extreme and Homely

This is probably my most eclectic link-love to date. It’s best to mix the extreme with the homely, I think. See below and you’ll know what I’m talking about …   From top left to right, clockwise: Marble is so ‘in’ right now. These easy-to-make planters will help keep you and your plants on trend and your wallet flush. Love Italian Roberta Cucchiaro’s creative photography. Here ‘Gdansk in Spring‘ gets a dose of sunshine. The healthiest cake ever and you don’t need to get out the mixer! Find watermelon cake, cheats’ apple pies and more here. Great new Sydney-based start-up, the app Couchelo, which is a curated marketplace of upcycled vintage furniture and homewares sellers. It’s aim is ‘to inspire people to shop creatively and responsibility’. Loving the idea. Now, hold onto your seat, artist Milo Moire minces nothing but her hips in her latest performance art as performed recently at Art Cologne. Designed to be about ‘the creation fear, the symbolic strength of the casual and the creative power of the femininity‘ is ‘The PlopEgg Painting Performance # 1 – A Birth …

Video | Artist Alexandra Abraham

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember I did an interview with the amazing mud-larker, jewellery maker and artist extraordinaire Alexandra Abraham several months ago (you can read it here). Alexandra has made a wonderful video about her work and her mud-larking along the Thames river in London in which she finds all sorts of incredible historical pieces of glass, Elizabethan tiles, Roman coins, clay pipes … You name it, there’s a raft of history submerged amongst the silt and stones of the river just waiting for fossickers like Alexandra to find them and upcycle them into beautiful jewellery and art work. I highly recommend you watch her little film as it’s beautifully produced (click on an image below). I’m sure it will make you wish, as it does me, that you could join her by the side of the Thames.