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This amazing phone box ‘couch’ was designed by Central St Martins graduate Benjamin Shine for the ArtBox project launched by British Telecom to mark 25 years of ChildLine in June 2012.

[Image: Artbox/Steven Dray]


  1. My son purchaed two items from your store for me last week. My birthday is in July but I couldnt wait to wear them so i asked if I could open the package when it arrived and my son said sure! I am wearing my upcycled bracelet with the tiny pieces of the pages of the Brontes! I love it!
    I love the story of the braclet, its journey and the joy I feel wearing something that has been given a new life!

    I also have a rainbow button necklace which too is amazing!
    As I am a teacher living in Perth Wa I love sharing peoples creativity with children and encouraging them to look at things from all sides!
    I am going to share this site with everyone I know, particularly one teacher who I am sure will rush to your website!
    Next I am going to order the pencils! I have a list!
    Thanking you for the prompt delivery and the wonderful items

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Sue! I’m so pleased you like your gifts and hope you will enjoy wearing them. Jane

  2. Hi Jane, so glad that you were able to interview Dana Lundmark! Hope to see you again at Mu Studio Gallery. regards,
    Mulan Gock

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