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Architectural Pavilion for NYC Figment Festival

Upcycling for Good Reason

I may have titled this post ‘Upcycling for Good Reason’ as if some people upcycle for no good reason but it is more to highlight those who are doing it to make a bold statement or make a massive difference to others Fonderie 47 is one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking of the latter group. Founded by entrepreneur Peter Thum, Fonderie 47 turns weapons of war into beautiful pieces of jewellery and statement watches. Each piece is made from parts of an AK47 and funds programs to remove such weapons from circulation, creating a safer environment for aid and development. They say they’ve destroyed more than 40,000 AK47s and other such assault rifles in Africa. Each weapon is melted down and given to different artists to work their magic. No expense is spared nor technical specifications skimped (read more on the Inversion Principle AK47 Watch as a case in point). It’s estimated about 75 illegal guns are required to make just one custom-made ring. Wow. Then there’s architects Izaskun Chinchilla from Madrid who, for the Figment NYC outdoor festival (Summer 2015), have created a …

Litelok: The world's first lightweight, flexible and super secure bike lock

Design Innovation: The world’s first lightweight, super secure bike lock

As I feature a lot of arty stories on this blog, I thought it time to throw in a bit of design innovation into the mix with a brand new product that has the potential to revolutionise the way cyclists can use and secure their bikes. Now I will admit this is a project my husband has been involved with so while I may be a little biased, I do genuinely believe it is a great product and worthy of sharing around. I hope you do too! Just launched on Kickstarter, Litelok is the world’s first lightweight, flexible and super secure bike lock. It weighs less than 1 kg (2.2 lbs) – which, to all non-bikies, is significantly lighter than any other secure bike lock on the market – and is so strong it can withstand sustained attack from all of the tools commonly used by bike thieves such as cable cutters, bolt croppers, hacksaws, jacks and hammers. I’m not a cyclist but I know many who are and they’d all agree that having your bike stolen is …

Interview: Artist Andreas Scheiger

Austrian graphic designer and artist, Andreas Scheiger, has a saying on his blog: Life is a bad game but at least the graphic rocks, which I’m suspecting sounds better in German but is a wonderful mantra whether you’re creative or not. It is certainly one from which he lives by, creating thought-provoking, out-of-the-square artworks. A graphic designer by profession, he has always drawn, painted, sculpted and now, with his works, ‘aspires to create a visual impact by simplifying a complex concept’. Take his ‘Evolution of Type’ pieces which are, he says, ‘inspired by The Alphabet and Elements of Lettering book by the pioneering and vastly prolific American type designer Frederic W. Goudy … who believed that letters were a record of man’s history and development, and that each possessed an essential and organic form’.  Andreas rescues vintages letters and morphs them into anatomical specimens. They definitely have a strong whiff of Victorian science about them! Then there’s his corrugated cardboard portraits that are eerily lifelike and change their appearance according to the light and his ‘Upcycle Fetish’ works …

Creative Upcycling

Who would have thought … … that a 1920s German iron bulb tester could be turned into a funky, industrial-style bar cart? It definitely means business! See more at Lost at E Minor. … that you could make your own clock from a bike wheel and vintage yardsticks? Love it hung on a chalkboard wall with four chalked Roman numerals. Find out how at Upcycle That. … that you could have a retro-looking TV with all the mod cons? LG in South Korea have created a 32-inch TV that resembles a retro tube model with hairpin legs and 70s-inspired channel and volume dials. But I suppose it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? See it here. … that knitting could turn into something so extreme, so wacky, so well, un-knitting-like? Discover Danish artist and textile designer Isabel Berglund’s work over at Yellowtrace. I mean, wow!