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Artistic Musings | 4 Works of Art

Art can be humorous, confronting, intriguing, inspiring or just plain disagreeable. Or all of those all at once! What do you make of these four works of art ..? From top left to right: Guillermina Baiguera ‘paints’ intricate works with embroidery. The attention to detail is incredible and inspiring. Find Guillermina on Flickr. This painting called ‘Project for a Door’ by Anthea Hamilton ticks all the boxes above but for some is probably more disagreeable than anything else. It’s just gone on show at Tate Britain and Hamilton has been nominated for this year’s Turner Prize, a prestigious and often controversial award for contemporary art. At 5 m high (16 ft) its design is based on the Italian architect Gaetano Pesce’s never-realised vision for an entrance to a New York apartment complex. Read more on the BBC culture article “The Age of the Bum”, which is hilarious in itself! Kale in a tissue box? At once humorous and thought-provoking this experimental photographic series by Australian photographer Carine Thévenau is called ‘Tin Can Apartment’. The images conjure an ideal world where mother nature and industrialisation live …

Art and Design Link Love

Art + Design Link Love

Today everything is not what it seems. From Harding Meyer’s double vision portraits to a book that is really furniture, I’ve uncovered some mind-bending art and design for those who like things on the original side. From top left to right: Canadian artist Harding Meyer specialises in the human face and creates powerful, multi-layered portraits (of ‘made-up’ models) in oil on canvas. You will be mesmerised. Plus he has a cute dog! See more of his work on Tumblr. With these sculptures you get two for the price of one. The ‘real’ sculpture is revealed when seen through a curved cylindrical tube. Interesting. See more at Hello U. When is a book not a book? When it is furniture. The ‘Bookniture’ is a book that unfolds into a piece of multi-functional furniture: a stool, table, footrest, nightstand … Ingenious for those whose homes are space-poor and for those who like to carry their own chair/table around with them. It first launched on Kickstarter. You’ll never look a peanut or a carrot in the same way again. These biodegradable …

Architectural Pavilion for NYC Figment Festival

Upcycling for Good Reason

I may have titled this post ‘Upcycling for Good Reason’ as if some people upcycle for no good reason but it is more to highlight those who are doing it to make a bold statement or make a massive difference to others Fonderie 47 is one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking of the latter group. Founded by entrepreneur Peter Thum, Fonderie 47 turns weapons of war into beautiful pieces of jewellery and statement watches. Each piece is made from parts of an AK47 and funds programs to remove such weapons from circulation, creating a safer environment for aid and development. They say they’ve destroyed more than 40,000 AK47s and other such assault rifles in Africa. Each weapon is melted down and given to different artists to work their magic. No expense is spared nor technical specifications skimped (read more on the Inversion Principle AK47 Watch as a case in point). It’s estimated about 75 illegal guns are required to make just one custom-made ring. Wow. Then there’s architects Izaskun Chinchilla from Madrid who, for the Figment NYC outdoor festival (Summer 2015), have created a …

DIY Link Love Projects

Images, from top left to right: Very cute DIY light bulb terrariums at Clad and Cloth. Love them! Make-your-own on-trend metallic sacks from Almost Perfect (okay, so they’re not washable but who cares?) Have unwanted books and require secret storage? Sewing Barefoot shows you how to make your own hidy-hole using the spines of old books. Pretty watercolour paper flowers that will last as long as they don’t get wet. Find out how to make them at Curly Made. This might not be the easiest DIY job around but get inspired by what French-based Zim & Zou studio did for a Hermes store window in Barcelona. Each piece has been handmade from paper and the fox from strips of leather. The detail is amazing. See more pictures at Design Boom.