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Tobias Horrocks Fold Theory Cardboard architecture

Interview: Tobias Horrocks | Cardboard Architect

When architect Tobias Horrocks first designed a piece of cardboard furniture for his own use, the Freefold Popup Box, little did he know that his career was going to take another turn entirely and he would become immersed in a world of cardboard. And, oh, the places it has taken him. Literally around the world. Not only does he take on cardboard design commissions and architecture work but he also works part-time as a tutor in architecture design, history and theory at the University of Melbourne, and he regularly writes reviews of architecture and design for magazines and online publications. In 2014 he was awarded a VESKI Victoria Fellowship to travel overseas to investigate cardboard design practices and advanced computer modelling techniques that will help enhance local sustainable design. Which is where we meet Tobias – having just come back from his overseas travel … Tobias Horrocks , cardboard architect of Fold Theory Please introduce yourself. Tell us how you have ended up where you are today and when and why you began exploring with cardboard and realised its potential in …

Be Inspired: DIY Projects to Try

From top left to right: DIY cardboard tube frames: These are pretty nifty and so easy to make. I reckon they’d be a great Christmas gift for the kids to do to give to someone special. Find them here. How cute are these rings? Make these and you might be able to fool people that you’ve suddenly become a jewellery designer. Learn how at Fall for DIY. Yum-scrum Cherry Heart Pie Pops. No recipe, just eye candy DIY on Pinterest. Why not give the a gift of the hand-made with these Natural Room Scent Jars, featuring scents such as oranges, cinnamon and cloves; lemon, rosemary and vanilla; and pine twigs, bay leaves, nutmeg? They’d look so good on display in your kitchen, don’t you think? Learn how to make them at The Yummy Life.  

Wolfram Kampffmeyer with his 3D animal paper sculptures

Interview: Wolfram Kampffmeyer of Paperwolf

Today I’d like to introduce you to a man who’s taken the world of 3D computer animation and turned it into something crafty. His paper animal sculptures meld modern technology with good old-fashioned paper craft that anyone can make. It’s not often you can buy something decorative for your home that you have to put together yourself and this is as far away from flat-pack furniture as you’ll get. So, even if you can’t take credit for designing one of Wolfram’s animal sculptures, you can take a little bit of credit for putting it together. And how great do they look? I reckon they bring out the kid in all of us and right now, I wouldn’t mind taking that pig home! I discovered German-based Wolfram unexpectedly via Etsy and was keen to learn his story … Please introduce yourself – what’s your background and how have you ended up where you are today? Paperwolf is my label under which I design and sell 3D paper craft templates: mostly animal trophies, but also postcards and big and small paper …

Interview: Gary Pennington of Tane Design

It gives me such a buzz to encounter people who are so fervently enthusiastic about and dedicated to what they do.  To go out on your own in an often competitive, tough design world you need those qualities in bucket loads, as well as, of course, a decent dose of talent. Gary Pennington of Tane Design is one of those designers. He went out on his own only a year ago and has managed to genuinely merge his strong personal ethos of caring for the environment with his various furniture designs and the way he runs his business. Just read his engaging, heart-breaking and entertaining account of his Milan Furniture Fair experience on his blog to see what I mean about dedication! What’s more, he’s come up with a definite who’d-have-thought design concept that involves just cardboard and bamboo. Go on, make yourself a cuppa and read on … Tell me about yourself – your background, what you’ve studied and how you’ve ended up where you are today? Born in the UK, I studied Industrial …