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Instagram Love

Take creative inspiration from these Instagrammers. We do. Main image from top left to right: Photographer MR BO | SA from Above: Beautiful shots of South Australia from the air #safromabove Ceramicist Alana Wilson, with whom I did a ceramics masterclass recently and blogged about here #alanawilsonstudio The simple but clever imagery of graphic designer and photographer Connor Dwyer #connortd Eggsconcept creative gallery of art in which eggs take centre stage #eggsconcept

Ceramics Masterclass | Photo Gallery

I did a ceramics masterclass recently with the wonderful Sydney-based ceramicist Alana Wilson via Megan Morton’s The School and it was so much fun! Alana specialises in pieces that look as if they’ve been unearthed from an archaeological dig, particularly because of her special, often experimental, glaze mixes she has perfected over the years. As she says on her website, her primary source of reference and influence are ancient vessels and archaeological artefacts. While it was this ‘look’ that attracted me to her work and the workshop in the first place, I pretty much love all ceramics and have always wanted to give it a go. Using paper-based clay, a few tools and our hands, we started by making a small Japanese teacup. The technique Alana taught us was coiling, which that has been used for thousands of years in places such as Africa, Greece, China and New Mexico. Basically you build a vessel using rolled strips of clay and moulding and forming it with your fingers, starting from the bottom up. With my next piece, I decided to …

Interview: Bronwen Holding | Flower Ceramicist

For someone who’s training is in medicine (and works part-time as a GP), it’s an amazing achievement to become an Etsy award finalist for what essentially began as a hobby in her backyard studio. Having always had a love of crafting earthenware clay, Bronwen Holding has perfected the art of making life-like ceramic flowers that are so beautiful and delicate they demand being on display centre-stage. Come and meet Bronwen and find out about her love of clay … You say on your Etsy site that you discovered clay about eight years ago at an evening pottery class. Tell us about your background and how you’ve ended up where you are today. I am a mum to two boys, a part-time GP [in Perth, Western Australia] and full-time maker of clay flowers. I started pottery classes as a means to cope with life’s stresses – trying to complete my GP specialisation and being a new mum to my second child. I have always been crafty since I was very little. I used to have a craft stall …