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Wonderful Ways to Upcycle

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Me neither! I usually don’t (for fear of not keeping them!). But the one thing I’d love to try and do more of this year is upcycling. I love these ideas … even if I doubt I could do them myself! Old alarm clock-turned-wacky-planter [via 1001 Gardens] DAKS Harris Tweed ‘Pony Club’ Tartan jacket wrapped antique slipper chair Oh my dear, you are so dapper! A vintage chair re-suited by a talented Brit on Etsy: Rescue Retro Vintage JukeCase store in Collingwood, Melbourne. Photo by Sean Fennessy.  Vintage speakers + vintage suitcase = the portable retro audio speaker, JukeCase, by Melbourne duo Son Valise [as seen on The Design Files] DIY nautical rope ottoman made with an old tyre – brilliant! Even I could do this! [via Saskia Beljaars DIY Home on Pinterest]

Recycling | Upcycling

This time of the year always seems to bring on a rash of consumer craziness and sometimes it can be hard not to get caught up in it all. I thought I’d focus today’s post on upcycling and recycling – not on gifts per se but as a way to remind ourselves that the gifts you give don’t always have to be brand spanking new or mass-produced. Think recycled or upcycled or, even better, something handmade you’ve created yourself … … Like these innovative, designer-looking pendants made from straws. Aren’t they cute? Hang a set of these over your Christmas table – or even give one as a gift -and I’m sure you’ll be showered with praise. Instructions are over at Skona Hem. Swiss-based designer Gareth Knott has come up with the word de-cycling as a way to describe his Treff punkt coffee table made from upcycled railway boxes. Although decycling typically means making sure items are correctly recycled for the waste, Gareth uses it to combine the concepts of design and recycling. Gareth named …

Creative Upcycling

Who would have thought … … that a 1920s German iron bulb tester could be turned into a funky, industrial-style bar cart? It definitely means business! See more at Lost at E Minor. … that you could make your own clock from a bike wheel and vintage yardsticks? Love it hung on a chalkboard wall with four chalked Roman numerals. Find out how at Upcycle That. … that you could have a retro-looking TV with all the mod cons? LG in South Korea have created a 32-inch TV that resembles a retro tube model with hairpin legs and 70s-inspired channel and volume dials. But I suppose it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? See it here. … that knitting could turn into something so extreme, so wacky, so well, un-knitting-like? Discover Danish artist and textile designer Isabel Berglund’s work over at Yellowtrace. I mean, wow!

Interview: Emma of Tread & Pedals

It’s a dream everyone would love to achieve: turning your greatest love into a business. While all the designers, crafters and artists I’ve interviewed are doing just that, Em and Ivan of Tread & Pedals are living and working this dream to the fullest. And it all revolves around the humble bicycle. Not only have they managed to combine four years of working holidays around their love of biking but they have now turned it into a full-time business upcycling bicycle parts into all sorts of things you’d never have imagined a bike part could become. From cufflinks to bottle openers, belts to earrings and all sorts of clocks. It’s amazing what an old clog or bike spoke can turn into! It’s certainly put a new spin on the term bespoke (sorry, couldn’t help myself!) I managed to steal Em away from their so-called ‘man cave’ where their creations are made to find out more about how they began and what’s so great about an old bike.  Please introduce yourselves. What are your backgrounds? We …