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Gifts for Her

A few ideas for the girls in your life … 1. The perfect stocking filler: upcycled fair trade coffee sack purse for make up or pencils $15.00 2. Unique earrings for your loved one made from antique found porcelain $62.50 3. For the fashion conscious, a stylish ‘Mighty Purse’ that charges all smartphones $99.95 4. The ultimate in fashion eco-chic: beautiful tote made from fire hose $275.00 5. For book-loving girls: a bracelet made from the pages of a vintage book $30.00 6. Brighten up a sundress with this bold, chunky necklace made from buttons in Argentina $60.00 7. Everyone needs a multi-purpose carry bag like this one made from reclaimed plastic bags in Cambodia $35.00 8. Every girl loves a bangle, especially one handmade from discarded buttons! $50.00 9. Perfect for students: an upcycled fair trade coffee sack laptop bag $35.00

Interview: Elvis & Kresse and their Upcycled Fire Hoses

It’s hard to imagine how a fire hose could be anything other than just that – a bright red, purely functional hose. But an enterprising couple – James Henrit (Elvis) from the UK and Kresse, a politics graduate from Canada, saw through the hose’s tough veneer and discovered a way to upcycle old fire hoses into brand new, beautiful accessories. Sourcing fire hoses from Britain’s fire brigades, they scrub away the soot, grease and grime that builds up after 25 years of active duty and turn the resultant clean, ‘green’ textile into bags, belts and purses. Not only do they give new life to something that was destined for the landfill but they also donate 50 per cent of their profits to the UK’s Fire Fighter’s Charity. And having seen some of their bags in a shop in Bath, England it is hard to imagine that they were ever life-saving fire hoses. Elvis & Kresse have turned the humble fire hose into 21st century leather. While their cornerstone products are the Fire Hose range, they have …