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DIY Love

We haven’t featured DIY for a while so to tempt those DIY fingers, check out these ideas … DIY Backyard Makeover: Fantastic inexpensive ideas to transform a concrete patio using a fake grass rug and chalk stencils on the wall. Read more about Sarah Khandjian, author of DIY blog Sarah Hearts, and her backyard makeover at Popsugar. Handmade Clay Letters: Transform a party or a wall with your own handmade letters using Sculpey or FIMO clay. The Oh Happy Day blog is so colourful and fun, I defy any DIY sceptic not to fall in love with their ideas! Pressing Flowers with Beci Orpin: If these gorgeous pictures don’t inspire flower and foliage pressing, then nothing will. Find out how to make your own pressed flower art at We Are Scout, which also talks about Beci Orpin’s new craft book, Sunshine Spaces. Homemade Lunch/Snack: After all that making a scrumptious snack is needed! Goats cheese toast with walnuts, honey and thyme satisfy our taste buds and are easy-peasy. Bake multi-grain toasts in the oven for five minutes with goats cheese, walnuts …

Artists on Instagram

We all know there is a wealth of fantastic images on Instagram but how do you wheedle out the best ones to follow? I’ve found four artists I reckon have pretty darn good Instagram accounts for a bit of daily eye candy. From top left to right: Portuguese artist Bordalo II creates massive sculptures from others unwanted ‘stuff’ and junk, like these two flamingos at a riverbed made for @festivaliminete curated by @vhils. Follow @b0rdalo_ii. Floral artist and creator from Tokyo Yukiko Masudo posts sublime photos of her work and creations, with a theme of moody greys and soft pinks. Peaches get the royal treatment in this one which makes you want to dive in and eat them. Follow @nonihana_. Australian florist Katherine Dorrington’s Instagram also favours pinks and blues and greys plus lots of blossoms and sprinklings of petals. You’d think it was permanently Spring. Follow @katherinedorrington. San Francisco-based Lucy Litman doesn’t usually post mounds of petals but this one got my attention because of its simplicity and, of course, the googly eyes (and it goes with the others …

Baker Nikki Lee, founder of Unbirthday

Interview: Nikki Lee | ‘Unbirthday’ Cakes

Wow, talking to Sydney-based cake-maker extraordinaire Nikki Lee of Unbirthday you can’t help but be drawn in to her passion, drive and enthusiasm for baking and cake decorating. For Nikki has turned the humble cake into a work of art, bursting with colour and fun. Her creations are vibrant centrepieces that scream admire me, share me, eat me. A self-professed big kid at heart who’s been to Disneyland six times, Nikki believes cakes are what draw people together and that you should always celebrate your birthday. Yet she wasn’t always a baker. For nine years Nikki ran her own graphic design business (having dropped out of university at age 19 in order to start it) and then for four years, had a corporate career. But cakes were always her love. In her early thirties she decided ‘to throw caution to the wind’ and start something new again. For many switching from the corporate world to baking cakes might seem a radical if not foolishly whimsical career move but for Nikki it made perfect sense and it’s …

Nature and flowers art collage

February Link Love: Flower paint, wallpaper, brooches, art

Be inspired by a little floral … Images from top left to right: Who wants to be a dead fish? This quote should be everyone’s mantra. First posted on Instagram. Follow us @whodhvethought. Such a gorgeous picture found on artist Georgie St Clair’s Instagram @georgiestclair. What’s more they’re little pots of powered paint made from flowers. I loved this idea so much I then started researching flower paint and found this blog post on how to make your own. Can you believe this is wallpaper? 3D rainbow-coloured flowers by artist Maud Vantours for Mues Design. Please click the link to see the whole thing on  a wall. So sweet: ‘Gatherer’ brooches handmade from oven baked clay by artist Auf Wiedersehn (aka Jacqueline Smith), designed to be a helping hand that holds tiny plant specimens you find on your travels. Au naturel: Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil collects flowers from the private gardens of famous European landscape designers, dries them and turns them into sculptures with the help of moulds and a spray of varnish. First seen at Jealous Curator.