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Vintage Victories

As long-time advocates of reusing and recycling, we’re eager to share the fabulous work of vintage and second hand storeowners. In Sydney alone, if we don’t make changes to our current waste removal strategies, the City of Sydney predicts that by 2030, households and businesses will be sending more than 200,000 tonnes to landfill each year. Shockingly, it may have to be deposited more than 250 kilometres away. So the trick is to shop smart, shop local and hone your ethical awareness. Here are four small businesses we track on Instagram, that receive our undying love and devotion…

Gifts for the Outdoor Lover

This week I’ve collated some goodies that are perfect for both the indoor and outdoor life …   1. Perfect indoors or outdoors, the ingenious upside-down Sky Planter, created by New Zealand ceramicist Patrick Morris. Comes in ceramic or recycled polypropylene styles. From $20.00 2. Jazz up your outdoor space, picnic area or beach spot with this stylish rug made from plastic bags. Comes in three designs. From $70.00 3. Who doesn’t love a little night life? Collect sunshine during the day for a soft glow at night with this mason jar-turned-Sun Jar $49.95 4. Plant lovers will adore this original, brightly coloured flower pot made from buttons all the way from Argentina. Also comes in yellow $85.00 5. Decorate your outdoor (or indoor) table with this cute green frog made from buttons and resin $60.00 6. Is it a pencil or a plant? It’s both! Sprout pencils are the ultimate sustainable stationery and come in three varieties: Flower, Herb, Garden $35.00 P.S We will ship overseas, just email us for a quote @