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Instagram Love

Take creative inspiration from these Instagrammers. We do. Main image from top left to right: Photographer MR BO | SA from Above: Beautiful shots of South Australia from the air #safromabove Ceramicist Alana Wilson, with whom I did a ceramics masterclass recently and blogged about here #alanawilsonstudio The simple but clever imagery of graphic designer and photographer Connor Dwyer #connortd Eggsconcept creative gallery of art in which eggs take centre stage #eggsconcept

Collage of Instagram images

Instagram Love

This week I thought I’d highlight some favourite Instagrammers who have gathered some serious following and for good reason. If you don’t know of them already, I’d check them out for a dose of photographic inspiration and good old creativity. Images from top left to right: @meanwhileinnowhere Swedish photographer ‘Wall Hunter’ posts only images of exteriors and walls. If you love a bit of architectural symmetry then this is one to follow. @scanwiches is a refreshing, side-view look at all sorts of different sandwiches, set against a backdrop of black by Jon Chonko. Stylish and appetite-inducing. @thefatjewish by The Fat Jew prescribes to humour and nothing but. I love this one of the beagle giving its owner ‘the look’. All dog owners have had it. @mattcrump who specialises in only the candy-coloured. Eye candy, real candy, candy pastels, candy filters … Matt does it all and, boy, does it make you feel happy. @sfawnd for something more subdued and monochrome by photographer and stylist Fawn DeViney. Beautiful, restful images.    

Kjeragbolten, Kjerag Mountain, Norway


Wow, isn’t this a doozy of a vantage point? I think it would be appropriate to add an inspirational quote here, don’t you? Cue dramatic music score … “I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.” Diane Ackerman Sounds good to me. Next cue: a deep intake of breath as we hope that a) our leading man doesn’t get a dose of vertigo and fall off the rock and b) he makes it to the other side. Drum roll and a sigh as he succeeds in living the full width of the rock. But what I want to know is: What was he doing there in the first place? Couldn’t he have just appreciated the view from a photo  like the rest of us?