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4 Things I Found This Week

Today’s post features four very different things made my four very different people. From the pretty to the utterly divine, they all embrace attention to detail and an element of perfectionism. From top left to right: These beautiful flowers are in fact pencil shavings! Can you imagine perfecting the art of pencil shaving to produce such gems? Japanese artist Haruka Misawa cleverly rolls printing paper featuring colour gradation into the shape of a pencil and sharpens it. See more at Lost at E Minor. And you thought those looked fiddly? What about Amsterdam-based designer Rosa de Jong‘s Micro Matter series where she creates miniature camp-sites, trailers, tree-houses and suspends them in glass beakers. Find out more at Hiconsumption. Rosa will also be selling them soon here. If you’re a sucker for a perfect triangle, these cute DIY leather pouches can be easily made if you follow the instructions from Molly of Almost Makes Perfect. Warning: You’ll need to be good at folding and hole-punching. Yum, yum, yum and yum. Yes, you can eat these ombre ice creams but only if you’ve …


Interview: Gabriella Ferrante | Designer ‘Slow Fashion’ Leather Bags

Today I’d like to introduce you to someone who has infused her Italian family tailoring tradition with 21st century sustainability to create fine leather bags. Australian-born Berlin-based Gabriella Ferrante fell in love with her father’s old Singer sewing machine all over again (having used it many times as a child) and was inspired to create her own line of handbags under the label GcmF. Embracing the ethos of ‘slow fashion’ and the craftsmanship of the handmade, she eschews outsourcing and mass-production is as important to her as is sustainable work practices. Come and meet Gabriella and learn how her nomadic and creative life has brought her to where she is today … Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background and how you’ve ended up where you are today. I grew up in Melbourne as a first generation Italo-Australian. We travelled a lot as a family, and I guess that gave me the travel-bug. Therefore as soon as I could, I left Australia on a one-way ticket to Paris. I was 19. It was 1993. I …