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DIY Inspiration

I think it’s time for some DIY. Have you been inspired to create anything lately? Maybe these DIY projects might get the creative juices flowing … From top left to right: Can you believe these Cosmos flowers are made from paper? Susan from A Petal Unfolds (with whom I did an interview here) shares her paper artistry tips on how to make them on her blog. Here she’s teamed them with sprigs of rosemary to make them look deceptively real. I love a beautiful napkin but am always too lazy to always wash and iron fabric ones! These colourful tie-dyed watercolour napkins may look so pretty you only want to have them on show but they are easy to make and, I reckon, if you’ve made them yourself you’ll be more than happy to take good care of them. Find out how at I Spy DIY. How delicious and healthy this salad looks! Made from roasted carrots, beetroot and fennel with a carrot leaf, orange and hazelnut pesto dressing, it’s inspired by a sustainable ethos of using …


Interview: Susan Beech | A Petal Unfolds

Glancing at Susan Beech’s website or Instagram photos you’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at the work of a florist. And perhaps for Susan that’s the best compliment she could get. For all her flowers are made of paper. Not only is Susan’s work beautiful and inspiring but so is her story of how she has turned a craft passion into a full-time business. Read on to find out more … Please introduce yourself and tell us how you’ve ended up where you are today. I’m Susan Beech and I’m a paper flower artist working under my brand name A Petal Unfolds. I originally studied fine arts at university and at that point was working mainly with photography. A few years ago I became restless with my photographic work and wanted to go back to making things with my hands. I tried a variety of crafts, but it was paper flowers that I found the most interesting. In 2014 I changed my life, quitting an uninspiring office job to give me time to focus on …

Papetal Bougainvillea

Interview: Jennifer Tran | Papetal

How many of us have made crepe paper garlands as a child, or even as an adult, for Christmas or party decorations? Probably most of us. But how many have fallen in love with the material and gone on to make delicately beautiful flowers with it? Sydney-based Jennifer Tran is one such person. She has turned the craft of making paper flowers into an art and calls herself a ‘flowersmith’. Fake flowers have not always had good press, being of the plastic and unrealistic variety but with a strong love of nature, Jennifer strives for realism and a decent dose of colour in her pieces. After seeing her work on Instagram, I not only got in touch to see if she’d be up for an interview, but bought one of her flowers for a  vase that was begging for attention. This is what arrived in the post … I love that you call yourself a ‘flowersmith’! Tell us about yourself and your background and how you’ve ended up where you are today? Why paper; why flowers? I’ve had formal training …