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Four Photographic Artists

Photograph Link Love | 4 Artists to Admire

Get ready to be inspired and in awe. These four artists sure know how take a photo (and a short film). I urge you to click through to see more of their work. From top left to right: 1. As part of her ‘Enjoy Your Stay’ photographic documentation of the Australian landscape, Sydney photographer Lisa Sorgini immersed blooms in bubbles of water for great effect. See more at Lisa’s website. First seen on Fubiz. 2. Italian artist and filmmaker Yuri Ancarani has produced a simple but evocative film of what goes on in a marble quarry in the Apuan Alps in Northwest Italy, with ‘Il Capo‘, the chief, in the leading role. Even the sound effects (sans soundtrack) are amazing. Watch it at Nowness. 3. Using her three photogenic dogs, Rocco, Ralph and Simon, in starring roles New Zealand-born award-winning photographer Serenah captures the essence of dog and a large dose of humour in her animal series of photographs. She also photographs cats and people. I defy anyone who doesn’t love them (or at least, have a giggle). …

Giselle Bongiorno

Interview: Giselle Bongiorno | Art, design and freelancing

My first interviewee of the year is someone who’s grown up around creativity and had it nurtured in her from day one. Melbourne-based visual story teller and artist Giselle Bongiorno has had a multi-faceted creative career that has seen her work as a TV set designer to a designer of swimming pools. Now freelancing, she specialises in telling stories through images for marketing, social media and blogs as well as creating animal art portraits. Come and meet Giselle and find out how television and wrapping paper have proved influential in her life … It sounds like you’ve had a varied career path. Tell us about yourself – what’s your background and how have you ended up where you are today? My mum has a very vivid imagination and made sure to awaken mine from a very early stage. I attended theatre school before being old enough to go to kinder and grew up with TV-watching limit of 3.5 hours per week. My shelves had no dolls but books to the brim. There were no stuffed toys around but you could find paint …

Interview: sculptor Dominic Gubb

Welsh-based artist Dominic Gubb loves nothing more than to see what he can make from discarded materials. So much so that since leaving art school he has forged a career making animals, especially dogs, out of reclaimed leather, discarded furniture, plastic bottles and unwanted gym ropes. He is so good that you’d think they were real. In fact, if you like idea of having a pet but have no time to walk one or no desire to pick up the poop, one of Dominic’s rope dogs would do the trick quite nicely. His rope dogs are made from a combination of welded steel armature and reclaimed gym ropes that have been deconstructed, dyed and washed. Getting the right form and expression for the animal requires a painstaking process of hand-tying and shaping with the rope. With his leather animals, Dominic uses reclaimed leather from abandoned sofas and either reclaimed furniture legs or hand-shaped legs from reclaimed timber. The leather is stripped and washed and, using a hand-crank Singer sewing machine, folded and sewn into shape. …

Newspaper dogs

I love my dog, I truly do. But how adorable are these? What’s more, there are no feet to walk, no poop to clean up, no mouths to feed. Problem is, there’s also no tail to wag, no fur to pat, no panting greeting at the front door … Maggie and Oatmeal can be found and bought at Olive & Cocoa