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4 Things that Caught my Eye

  Images from top left to right: I know cacti are easy plants to look after as they relish a lack of water, but if you want even more low maintenance plants make your own. These DIY painted rock cacti are so cute and would make a wonderful handcrafted gift. Even better, get the kids to make them! Find out how at Salt and Pepper Moms. This photo doesn’t do justice to Sena Runa’s quilled paper art which she sells on Etsy. Turkish-based Sena folds and curls and quills coloured paper in all manner of things from flora and fauna to dancers and hot air balloons. You can follow her on Instagram. Want a new take on sushi? Japanese purists might be horrified but if you find the sushi rolling fiddly, try making these sushi donuts, adding whatever toppings tickle your fancy. Watch the video on Bloglovin’ The Edit. Although embroidery is not a craft I’m drawn to do, I am attracted to the work done by others. This one would have to take the cake as far as …


Interview: Lor-K | Street Artist

Surprise is a significant element of street art, both for the street artist during creation and for unsuspecting street walkers passing by. French urban installation artist going by the name of Lor-K is currently serving up a smorgsabord of surprises on the streets of Paris in the form of over-sized culinary delights made from discarded mattresses. Say what? That’s right, Lor-k specialises in finding abandoned objects, especially mattresses, and on the spot turns them into pieces of food that look almost good enough to eat. She documents all her work, too, so even if you haven’t walked down one of her streets you can admire from afar via Facebook or Instagram. I was keen to learn more and here, Lor-K explains the premise behind her street art … Please introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about your background and how you’ve ended up where you are today. I first started studying business, which is when I started doing projects in the street: stencil, collage and painting. But I couldn’t blossom in these techniques. I then studied …