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Art Mash-Up

There’s nothing like a bit of surrealism to mix up your day and make you see the world in a new light. From top left to right: Designer Famke Dijkstra makes lights that don’t take themselves too seriously. I love them! Find her work on Pinterest or buy them from her website. What began as a way to document creepy crawly insects soon turned into a celebration of them. Japanese artist Yuki Tsunoda uses the medium-soft glass called Italian Moretti to fashion all sorts of insects in all their beauty, true to form and size. First seen at Lost at E Minor. Spanish street artist Miguel Ángel Belinchón Buje, who goes by the name of Belin, has the Cubist touch with his street art that hones in on the eye. Found at Fubiz. As Stephen McMennamy says, he likes to ‘combine stuff.’ That’s putting it mildly. With a wicked sense of the absurd and surreal, he mashes together images to create photos like you’ve never seen before. Check out the combination of Hilary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s faces. Follow him on …

Art Love

French novelist Marcel Proust once said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”. This is so true for art. Artists interpret the world with new eyes thereby giving us new eyes with which to see the world. Check out these four artists who, using different mediums, create new worlds out of our world. From top left to right: French artist Karine Jollet constructs body parts using pieces of old bed sheets and shirts, embroidered handkerchiefs and second-hand fabrics. Called ‘Soft Sculptures’ the works are all done in white and are perfectly anatomical, designed she says to “remind us of an invisible universe, far away from our own world, a dimension of unity and purity”. Found at Creative Boom. Japanese artist Kota Yamaji turns the world into a heady mix of rainbow-coloured surrealism with his pop art series of 3D digital illustrations. It’s colourful, mad and a little bit creepy (the image shown here is rather tame, I might add!). Found at Creative Boom. LA-based photographer and filmmaker Niaz Uddin …

Surrealism with Brock Davis

Artist and ad-man Brock Davis nails it with his surreal photographs, in which he says, ‘The familiar becomes new, the ordinary, extraordinary’. Just like these kernels, salt sprinkles and popcorn … These pencils and rubberbands … This peeled banana … This cheese grater, he calls ‘The burning building’ … This foot and ice cream … Check out more of Brock’s work on Instagram @brockdavis and his website ‘It is the world that made you small’.