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Companies Going Bananas for Sprout

Companies around the world are going bananas for our plantable Sprout Pencils. Sydney-based marketing company Basic Bananas recently had Sprout Pencils etched for giveaways at their workshops. And The Cathedral School celebrated 100 years with Sprout. Sprout Pencils are a fantastic, innovative initiative for corporate social responsibility programs. Watch this fun video about Adam, the challenged CSR manager  … But beware fake Sprout pencils! The ones we sell are authentic and protected by an international patent application. The fake ones contain either unidentified seeds or no seeds at all (eek!). They may feature different logos and be in different packaging. So, don’t be fooled. This is what the real Sprout Pencils look like and you can buy them from us here.

Interview: KT Doyle | JEANBAG

Designer KT Doyle takes her love of jeans and her role as denim rescuer seriously. Her passion for ‘diverting denim waste from landfill’ and her background in textiles and wallpaper design converged to become her latest creative and business endeavour, JEANBAG. As sole designer and maker, along with a raft of other like-minded people, KT saves denim and turns it into beautifully crafted cushions, bean bags and bunting. “I want to honour the labour, skill, time and resources that goes into making every pair of denim jeans,” she says. “…Your jeans may have come to the end of their wearable life but they still have miles left in them yet.” Come and meet KT … You’ve been an artist and wallpaper and textiles designer for twenty years. Tell us more about your background and how you’ve ended up where you are today. I’ve always expressed myself creatively and can’t remember a time when I wasn’t making something. I studied Fine Art after finishing school and have continued to exhibit my work over the past twenty years. My …


Video | Interview – Designer Duncan Meerding

Today I’d like to share a video interview with one of the designers whose work we love and feature on the store. Tasmanian Duncan Meerding is a furniture and lighting designer-maker of the traditional kind whose love of the outdoors and the ethical way in which things are made feature foremost in his design practice. ‘A lot of my designs concentrate on overall form and light going through and around objects rather than intense detailing,’ he says. His award-winning Cracked Log Lamp series of lights is testament to this. Made from salvaged logs, it is their cracks and imperfections Duncan harnesses when turning them into lighting. He also has a penchant for making durable and thoughtful flat-pack pieces such as his latest lighting range that takes its cue from aeroplane propellers and his leaning leaf coffee table. ‘Form and function should be a major part of the brief,’ he says. ‘Not necessarily, how do we make a million of the things?’ Come and meet Duncan and learn more about his design practice and the inspiration behind his …

4 Things I Love This Week

Today’s blog post has a circular theme from the visual: a DIY clock, sushi yogi and rainbow salad in a bowl to the metaphorical: building materials at their end of their life getting a new beginning in a rustic mountain cabin. Images from top left to right: When someone mentions embroidery to me, my fingers curl in fear of having to commit to something fiddly. But when I saw this DIY embroidery clock, my fingers almost itched to start making it! This is embroidery at its simplest yet how effective? Find one shallow basket, clock mechanism and thick black embroidery thread and you’re halfway there. Learn the ins and outs at Fall For DIY. Jakarta-based freelance art director and digital artist Ferdi Rizkiyanto takes surrealism to the edge with his highly creative works. I love this image, part of his ‘You Are What You Eat’ series. Just brilliant. See loads more at Behance and follow Ferdi on his blog. Talk about reusing others unwanted windows. This cabin in the mountains of West Virginia was built by photographer Nick Olsen and designer Lilah …