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Wonderful Ways to Upcycle

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Me neither! I usually don’t (for fear of not keeping them!). But the one thing I’d love to try and do more of this year is upcycling. I love these ideas … even if I doubt I could do them myself! Old alarm clock-turned-wacky-planter [via 1001 Gardens] DAKS Harris Tweed ‘Pony Club’ Tartan jacket wrapped antique slipper chair Oh my dear, you are so dapper! A vintage chair re-suited by a talented Brit on Etsy: Rescue Retro Vintage JukeCase store in Collingwood, Melbourne. Photo by Sean Fennessy.  Vintage speakers + vintage suitcase = the portable retro audio speaker, JukeCase, by Melbourne duo Son Valise [as seen on The Design Files] DIY nautical rope ottoman made with an old tyre – brilliant! Even I could do this! [via Saskia Beljaars DIY Home on Pinterest]

Re-purposing Vintage Love

Re-purposing, re-using, recycling, re-inventing, re-making and just general, all-round clever re-crafting is re-invigorating, rejuvenating and rather refreshing …   Images  Top left to right: Vintage suitcase turned medicine cabinet via Topekas News; Victorian-style necklace handmade from vintage jewellery – new at Who’d Have Thought?; antique Bakelite radio turned into an iPod dock via Flea Chic. Bottom left to right: Retro television turned into a bookcase via Dishfunctional Design; vintage tea set no longer used for tea via Lush Fab Glam; old chest of drawers re-purposed into a mini-garden via Flea Chic.

Upcycling old computers

Following on from my post about upcycling old tvs, what about upcycling old computers? Miles and Aimee Harrison from their cutely named etsy store, Atomic Attic, have come up with a clever way to re-use old Apple iMac computers by turning them into pet beds. They empty them, clean them out, give them a polish and some heat-treatment to make the acrylic shine, plus they move the original speakers to the rear brace so it doesn’t rock. Then they pop in a comfy cushion and hey presto, a cosy resting place for a small pet. They even turn vintage suitcases into rather groovy pet beds as well. Stylish or silly? Cute or kooky? Whatever you think, you can’t deny it’s a great upcycling idea.